Race analysis GP Hungary 2015

Race analysis GP Hungary 2015
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W what could Mercedes have done better?

After qualifying it once again looked like a clear box. What should keep the Mercedes drivers from a one-two? The answer: an unpredictable course of the race combined with mistakes by the drivers and the team.

The disaster already began at the start. As at the GP England three weeks ago, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg lost their one-two lead. This time not to Williams, but to Ferrari. The clutch threw the world champion off track. 'The second formation lap destroyed the clutch calibration. It got way too hot and therefore slipped through,' explained Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff. Rosberg made good progress, but fell victim to the dirtier home page.

Hamilton made another mistake in the first lap. When he attempted to attack his team-mate, he sled off the track through the gravel bed. That cost him six places. In the further course of the race, the defending champion fought his way back up to fourth position. At the restart in the 48th lap, Hamilton threw away a better result. He pushed the storming Daniel Ricciardo off the track, who had a clear advantage with the softer rubbers. The result: Hamilton first had to pick up a new nose and then face a drive-through penalty. In addition, the inspectors grunted him two points for the criminal record.

'It was not on purpose, but my fault,' Hamilton admitted honestly. 'He drove in a tight line around the outside and I just lost grip, I ran out of lane and I slipped into him with understeer.' With a couple of overtaking maneuvers, Hamilton pushed forward to sixth place. Nevertheless, he said: 'It wasn't my best day in the office.'

After all, he extended his World Championship lead to 21 points, as Rosberg also had a bad day. The World Cup runner-up complained of understeer and could not follow the Ferrari. Nico Hulkenberg's accident actually played into his cards. Because the distance was crushed in one fell swoop. But to the astonishment of the experts and spectators, Mercedes put the medium set on its driver during the virtual safety car phase. Instead of soft tires. Because Mercedes was only able to provide the harder set in the short time. After the restart, Rosberg collided with Ricciardo and caught upsuffered a flat tire. Experts agreed: The Mercedes driver should have given the Australian more space.

Has Ferrari gotten faster?

On Friday, Ferrari still saw it zappenduster off. Mercedes was missing over a second, and Red Bull drove in front of the red cars. The balance in the car wasn't right. In addition, technical problems compressed the training program. For Saturday you pressed the reset button and you were the second force from the third training session.

In the race, Ferrari went one step further. After winning the start, Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen flew away from their first pursuer Rosberg. Vettel saw a reason for the high speed in the free track. 'You are not hanging in the turbulent air and can dictate the pace.'

A closer analysis of the times showed that Hamilton was faster than the Ferrari without traffic. On average between three and eight tenths. On the 32nd lap, for example, Hamilton recorded a time of 1: 26.947 minutes, while Vettel needed 1: 27.775 minutes for the 4.381 kilometers. 'Lewis was faster than us when he was free, but he didn't have a clean race,' commented Vettel.

In the fastest lap times, Vettel appears in fifth place. Behind Ricciardo, Rosberg, Hamilton and Kvyat. Raikkonen turned the seventh fastest lap when he still had the full electric power from the MGU-K.

What was going on with Williams?

Three years ago Williams challenged the Mercedes for weeks in the race and was clearly faster than Ferrari. Only the rain thwarted the team and washed it off the podium. In Hungary, on the other hand, things went backwards. It was the old song: The FW37 lacks downforce on slow stretches.

'Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull were clearly better. And Force India was pretty close to us,' complained Valtteri Bottas. 'The slow and drawn-out corners in the last sector particularly hurt us.' In the final section of the route, Felipe Massa lost over half a second to the fastest Ricciardo, Bottas was seven tenths missing.

Nevertheless, the Finn could have achieved a top 6 result. If Max Verstappen hadn't slit his tire when he restarted. The world championship fourth from last year saved himself back to his crew on the 49th lap, but points were out of the question afterwards.

The new front wing, which only Bottas wore on the car, still brought not the jump you want. 'To be honest, the gain was small. But it's a good concept and should bring us forward for the future.'

Felipe Massa never made it to the top at the Hungarian GP. The highest of emotions was his eighth starting position. In the end it was only enough for the little Brazilian to finish twelfth. One position ahead of his teammate. 'Spa and Monza shouldwe feel better again, 'said the disappointed drivers.

How did the Hulkenberg accident come about?

It was the hottest scene of the race On lap 42, at the end of the home straight, the front wing of Nico Hulkenberg's Force India came loose, the air control element got under the car and disintegrated into dozens of carbon parts. 'I felt vibrations. A second later only the debris flew around. I was just a passenger, 'said the tall Rhinelander.

Force India suspects the curbs to be the culprit. Over the weekend, they had already knocked Sergio Perez's suspension and Kimi Raikkonen's front wing soft.' It must be something have to do with it. In the race, the camera flew off at Raikkonen. The forces on the material are not higher on this route than on others. But the curbs are a bit unusual, 'said Force India sports director Otmar Sznafnauer.

Hülkenberg's broken front wing resulted in a safety change of the nose on Sergio Perez's car. The later task had nothing to do with the wing. 'Sergio's car was already damaged from the collision with Maldonado. In the end, his brake pedal got longer. Since we were in a hopeless situation, we brought Sergio in. '

How did Verstappen finish fourth?

Max Verstappen achieved his best career to date in Hungary -Result. The Dutch driver drove courageously, but was also lucky. At the time of the safety car he was one lap back in eighth position. But during the neutralization he was allowed to lap back. And was within striking distance of the front group.

Without the safety car, Verstappen would not have benefited from the incidents involving Rosberg, Hamilton and Bottas, at least not to this extent. Because Raikkonen was eliminated, fourth place jumped out - despite a drive-through penalty for exceeding the Delta time during the safety car. Reason: Behind Verstappen there was a gap of 21.8 seconds because not all drivers were able to catch up with the safety car in time.


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