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Qualifying bankruptcy for McLaren: what do you think of Toro Rosso, Mr Alonso?

Quali bankruptcy for McLaren
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B e McLaren was in after qualifying Bahrain crisis mood announced. Team boss Eric Boullier usually answers questions from media representatives a few hours after the session. This time the French couldn't or didn't want to come. “We have an emergency debriefing,” said the PR department, apologizing for the lack of a team leader.

Usually Boullier interrupts the debriefing with the engineers for the press round. This time he apparently wanted to listen to what the technicians had to offer him in terms of explanations for starting positions 13 and 14. So the media representatives had to put up with the pilots, which wasn't so bad. Fernando Alonso is not known to be a minstrel driver.

McLaren too cocky with setup

'We miss it everywhere. We're not good at top speed, the brakes weren't particularly good today and we also struggled in terms of traction, ”complained the Spaniard. McLaren had actually hoped to lead the midfield this season. If possible, they wanted to be close to the podium. And now you already failed at the hurdle to Q3 - and clearly.

“The long runs yesterday and today in the third training session actually looked pretty good. Maybe we were too cocky with the balance, which then led to negative surprises on the cooler track in the evening. Maybe we tuned the car a little too much for the race, 'Alonso shrugged his shoulders.

What remains was the hope of a sudden improvement in the race. “We weren't in Q3 in Australia either. And on Sunday both cars finished in the points. I hope we can do that again this time. I expect a noticeable step forward tomorrow. Points are the goal for both cars. ”

Alonso calls for more technology upgrades

Alonso also made the layout of the track jointly responsible for the bankruptcy. “We didn't like it last year. Apparently we still haven't found the right approach or the right setup for Bahrain. ”The upgrades for the car, however, are not to blame for the fact that it suddenly went backwards:“ The updates worked as expected. The car felt better than in Australia. So it was a step forward. ”

The aerodynamic upgrades apparently couldn't solve any of the problems either:“ We know oursWeaknesses. We know where we need to improve. The car we have here on the track is very different from what is currently being developed in the factory. That should fix all of our problems. Now we have to bring this car here as quickly as possible, 'Alonso demands of his engineers.

' Other teams have made great progress here. Unfortunately we didn't succeed. Force India has improved tremendously since winter testing. Toro Rosso brought a great aero package here. Ferrari and Red Bull are also constantly improving. We have to beat these teams in the development race if we are to close the gap. We bring new parts to every race. We just have to bring twice as much. That is the challenge that lies ahead of us. It's up to us to deliver. ”

Toro Rosso upswing hurts McLaren

The bankruptcy hurt twice for many reasons. On the one hand, the Bahraini majority shareholders were sitting in the VIP stands and then probably had a few questions for the team management. McLaren presented itself as the worst Renault team. And Toro Rosso's good performance also rubbed extra salt into the McLaren wound. Either the Honda engine was better than the Renault. Or Toro Rosso built a better car. Both are difficult to explain for the McLaren bosses.

Alonso was correspondingly irritated when asked about Toro Rosso: “Your performance was definitely good. Not just today but also yesterday. They are very fast. I'm just surprised that the question about Toro Rosso didn't come up in Australia ?! The season goes over 21 races. I would like to hear the Toro Rosso question at every race. ”If Toro Rosso continues to regularly drive McLaren in front of his nose, the media representatives will certainly be happy to fulfill his wish.


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