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Problems with the alternator: Red Bull trembled for victory

Problems with the alternator
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S ebastian Vettel wanted to celebrate his title with a win. The trick succeeded. Only the fastest lap was snatched from him by Kimi Raikkonen. It could have been worse.

Alternator as an Achilles heel

Once again the defect witch struck Mark Webber's car. The Australian was asked by the command post to turn off the RB9. The problem was an old acquaintance: the alternator. 'It seems to be a different defect than last year, as it was announced,' said Red Bull motorsport advisor Helmut Marko.

'The defect came suddenly,' explained team boss Christian Horns. 'It could have happened to Sebastian's car too. That's why we turned everything down. But he still drove the fastest times.' Vettel was informed via radio that he should no longer use his drinking system and that he would have to do without Kers. 'We were shaking at the command post,' said Marko. The four-time world champion joked about it again after the race with the champagne bottle in hand: 'I couldn't drink much, that's why I drink all the more now.'

Horner rejects wild conspiracy theories against Webber . 'The two had roughly the same number of defects. In Japan, for example, Sebastian Kers went on strike.' Horner is certain that the Australian would easily have finished second.


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