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Problems with extension until 2021: season restart at Silverstone?

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Problems with extension until 2021
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D he Formula 1 is currently in a safety Car phase. The coronavirus tells her to drive slowly. And like in a real safety car phase, nobody can say when the race will continue.

The teams are desperately waiting for a plan A, B or C. But those in charge of the FIA and rights holder Liberty wait another three to four weeks. Only when the number of new infections worldwide decline and the curfews and travel bans are relaxed will you be able to make plans for a restart.

At the moment, the Canadian GP on June 14th is the first , not yet canceled races. The Canadians also want to wait with their decision about a possible cancellation of the race in Montreal.

On the American continent, optimism is apparently greater than in Europe. The IndyCar series also hopes to be able to resume racing in June. Nevertheless, the Indy 500 has been postponed from May 24th to August 23rd to be on the safe side.

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The race in Canada will probably not take place on the originally planned date.

Silverstone would be the ideal location for a restart

Experts believe that the start of the Formula 1 season in Europe is the most likely scenario. 'I believe that we will experience the entire first half of the season in Europe,' said Martin Brundle.

That would make sense for logistical reasons alone. In Europe, the borders will open again sooner than overseas. Here the cars can be transported from race to race by truck. At the momentthere are big problems ordering cargo planes. The airlines' cargo capacities are currently at full capacity.

Brundle can even imagine that the season will begin in Silverstone, provided the corona crisis is under control by then. 'Seven teams are stationed in England. That would be the easiest way to organize it.'

The GP England as the season opener would also have its charm from a historical point of view. You could celebrate the 70th birthday of Formula 1 at the place where it all began on May 13, 1950. The birthday party planned for May 16 and 17 in the middle of London is likely to fall through.

How many races can go through this season? will? And in what format?

15 Grand Prix are the critical limit

Formula 1 boss Chase Carey has the Teams last week in a circular affirmed that they wanted to hold at least 15 to 18 races. If necessary with three races on consecutive weekends and two-day events.

The number 15 is obviously important for Carey. Some television contracts are said to be linked to this minimum limit. If there are fewer than 15 races, you can renegotiate. That would possibly depress the income again.

If there is no other way, an extension of the season until January 2021 is also being considered. But first of all, various contractual hurdles have to be overcome.

The old Concorde agreement expires at the end of December. 13 driver contracts are terminated until December 31st. The same applies to sponsorship deals and equipment contracts. These would all have to be extended until January. Otherwise it could happen that a driver who changes teams would be banned from the final races of the 2020 season.


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