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Problem with lapsed: return to the old safety car rule?

Problems with lapped ones
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D he safety car rule was only renewed a few years ago. According to the old system, all lapped pilots were simply waved past the safety car. The backbenchers were able to catch up again after one lap. The advantage: the whole field presented itself in the correct order when restarted.

Overview was lost

Since the rule was changed, all cars stay where they are during the neutralization The safety car has just pulled out. At the Brazilian GP, ​​the consequences were particularly serious. Everywhere between the top drivers there were suddenly slower cars that were already one lap behind. Not only did the spectators lose track of things, some of the drivers no longer knew who the direct competitors were.

The slow cars also made sure that there was no more tension at the top. The duo Hülkenberg /Barrichello had slipped between the two Red Bulls. Behind Mark Webber, Fernando Alonso blocked five slow cars the way forward. At the rear, the Spaniard was shielded by seven vehicles that got in the way of the McLaren.

No way to attack

'We would have liked to attack again with fresh tires. But when Lewis Hamilton was past all the lapped, he had already lost eight seconds. With blue flags and a little more consideration that would have been a little faster, 'complained McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh afterwards.

Also Ferrari colleague Stefano Domenicali would have liked to see another Alonso attack on the lead, but quickly realized that his pilot was simply too far away: 'If the first three had been directly behind one another, there would have been a better chance. We knew that it would It would be impossible to attack. We then switched to securing our position. '

Change partially desired

The old rule was changed because the race management often had too long before took until all those lapped found the connection to the field again. After the race in Sao Paulo, however, a return to the old system was openly discussed again. 'This time, of course, I would have preferred to have waved the lapped through. But that was not the case,' regretted Whitmarsh. 'But you knew that something like this could happen when the rule change was decidedthe next race it could hit someone else. '

Domenicali saw the hectic situation on the track even more critically:' In Brazil it was not a good situation with everyone lapped. It was difficult for everyone. 'The Italian tried to initiate a discussion on changing the safety car rules:' This is a safety problem. We'll have to talk about that again in the future. '

New rule carries risks

It goes without saying that the small teams long for the rules to be changed. They would benefit most from winning the round. However, that's not the main argument. 'We were right in the middle of it. There were some hot promotions again. That was a catastrophe, 'said Timo Glock, describing the restart phase at the Brazilian GP.

Just like Virgin team-mate Lucas di Grassi, the Odenwälder called for a return to the old rule in Singapore. Glock joined the race a month ago Restart involuntarily drawn into the top fight. In Brazil, the German warned of the dangers of the system: 'At some point you'll knock someone out who might be at the front of the World Cup. Then you're the idiot. It doesn't have to be. Nobody needs that. It's something that can be changed without anyone suffering. '


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