Press comments GP Korea 2010: Alonso grow wings

Press comments GP Korea 2010
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La Gazzetta dello Sport: A lonso - The red shark. Il maestro. A magician. And now the world title. A triumph for Ferrari. Red Bull collapses. There is the old lion Schumi again: Michael starts badly and then drives like unleashed in the rain.

Tuttosport: Alonso grow wings. Ferrari enjoys the triumph. Fernando is number one.

Corriere dello Sport: Alonso rules. Ferrari triumphs at the first Grand Prix in South Korea and the Spaniard flies to the top of the Formula 1 World Championship. Red Bull breaks in.

Corriere dello Sport: Fantastico Alonso! The Spaniard forges iron with his bare fists. Red Bull is experiencing its Waterloo.

La Repubblica: Alonso is dancing in the rain - brilliant madness. Now Alonso sets the tone. A disaster for Red Bull. Ferrari has the world title in mind.

Libertà: Ferrari has made a fantastic comeback. Red Bull experiences a catastrophe, Alonso triumphs.


El País: Alonso showed his smile, which he reserves for the big moments. He can win the title in Brazil in just two weeks.

El Mundo: It couldn't be better. Alonso is taking a giant step towards winning the world title.

El Periódico: Victory in the rain. Alonso takes command. The Asturian is driving away from everyone in South Korea, conquering the top of the overall standings and is close to his third world title.

Marca: Fernando Alonso has the world title in his hands. The Spaniard is now the favorite. Its advantage is that Red Bull relies on two drivers.

As: Alonso is the master of the World Cup. In South Korea he succeeded in the stroke of genius of a champion.

Great Britain:

The Times: Alonso rains Red Bull's parade.

The Sun: Lewis Hamilton was thrown a lifebuoy in the race to defend his title when his Red Bull rivals experienced a nightmare in the Korean darkness.

Daily Mail: Hamilton stays alive because the 'cops' go up in smoke. Vettel experienced the greatest drama. The Renault engines were an Achilles heel for Red Bull last season, and prove it again.

Independent: Hamilton increases his chances on a black day for Red Bull.


Liberation: Fernando Alonso, hero of a tale of water. The people in charge at Red Bull are now faced with a serious dilemma: Either they let their two drivers Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber run wild and risk ending up without a title - or they nominate the better-placed Webber for the sole hunt for the title.

Le Parisien: A nightmare day for Red Bull.

Le Figaro: A disaster for Red Bull. Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel may have lost the world title in Yeongam.


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