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Preseason Power Ranking 2018: All 10 F1 teams in the form check

Formula 1 Preseason Power Ranking 2018
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W e have rolled over hundreds of pages of data, analyzed best times, Long run cuts of all things and top speed marks evaluated. In addition, there is information from Pirelli about tire wear and the statements of the drivers and engineers about their own cars and those of the competition. And in the end we brought everything together into one result - our all-encompassing “Preseason Power Ranking”!

However, we ask you not to run straight to the nearest betting shop and jeopardize your retirement pension with a Formula 1 tip . Unfortunately, we have to make a small restriction. The order we have calculated applies to the route in Barcelona and the conditions in Barcelona. Unfortunately, the first race of the season takes place in Melbourne. And things can look completely different again.

Tires could cause surprises

Mercedes and Ferrari head to head? We don't believe in it yet!

We don't expect everything to turn inside out, but we don't want to rule out the possibility of minor surprises. The teams are particularly concerned about the tire issue. Nobody knows how well the new rubbers work with the new cars on a relatively smooth track like the Albert Park Circuit. Anyone who interferes with the setup in free practice will have problems in the race.

The technicians at Mercedes are not yet one hundred percent convinced that the diva from last year has been tamed for good. There were no complaints in Barcelona. If that is also the case in Melbourne, we will see Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas also at the fore. The sprithing route plays the Silver Arrowalso on the cards.

We expect Red Bull to be the first chaser. But Sebastian Vettel is always particularly strong with his Ferrari on technically demanding courses with angular curves. It will also be very tight in midfield. Here little things can decide the ranking. At Force India we have to wait and see how well the big upgrade package works. At the very back we still expect Sauber - but not as far away from the rest as in the previous season.

Power Ranking Test drives 2018

Here the Power Ranking before the start of the season is in Melbourne. As always, you will find the detailed form check of all 10 teams in our gallery.

  1. Mercedes
  2. Red Bull
  3. Ferrari
  4. HaasF1
  5. Renault
  6. McLaren
  7. Force India
  8. Toro Rosso
  9. Williams
  10. Clean


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