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Power ranking GP Saudi Arabia 2022: Ferrari in front

Saudi Arabia GP 2022

Red Bull took revenge in Jeddah for Bahrain's defeat. But again it was very close. The bottom line is that Ferrari still makes the more stable impression. The Italians are therefore defending the top spot in our power ranking.

Ferrari and Red Bull are practically on par. In the duel for the top nuances decide. In the qualification of the drivers. Sergio Perez drove the lap of his life. The setup during the race. Ferrari put on a track too much downforce. Red Bull was spot on with its commitment to top speed. In the end it was also a matter of luck. Without the safety car on lap 16, Perez would probably have won. Without the yellow flag in turn 1 on lap 48, maybe Charles Leclerc.

The two winning teams have set themselves apart from the rest of the field. Depending on the track and discipline, the lead over Mercedes is between half a second and one second. Mercedes' cushion on the rest behind is smaller. For one turn, the Silver Arrows are vulnerable. This time Esteban Ocon was on the grid in front of the fastest Mercedes. In the race, the constructors' world champion remains the third force.

McLaren is recovering

Alpine took the lead in the chasing pack. It remains to be seen whether this is a trend or a flash in the pan. This time, the French national racing cars were not only fast on Saturday. Unlike Bahrain, the drivers in Jeddah kept their tires in good condition throughout the race. That may have been due to the route. Likewise the rise of McLaren. This time the drivers were able to fight for points in the chasing field.

McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl saw the better performance as a mixture of track characteristics and catching up on the gap that had been caught up in the braking problems in the Bahrain test.

And also because Ferrari customers were weak. Haas was held back by too many problems in Jeddah. Technical problems on Friday, crash on Saturday, Kevin Magnussen not fit yet on Sunday. Alfa Romeo stumbled upon stability issues.

Power Ranking GP Saudi Arabia 2022

Here is our power ranking for the GP Saudi Arabia at a glance. As always, you can find the detailed form check for all ten teams in the gallery.

  1. Ferrari (1)
  2. Red Bull (2)
  3. Mercedes (3)
  4. Alpine (7)
  5. Haas (4)
  6. Alfa Romeo (5)
  7. Alpha Tauri (6)
  8. McLaren ( 9)
  9. Aston Martin (10)
  10. Williams (8)

*Position after Bahrain GP


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