Power Ranking GP Japan 2012

Daniel Reinhard
Power Ranking GP Japan 2012
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R ed Bull has its shape from 2011 again. The blue cars drove the competition in Suzuka to the ground. In practice by four tenths, in the race by almost one second per lap. Such a blatant lead after 14 races of equilibrium requires explanations. Are the new front wing, the variable brake drums and the double DRS solely to blame, or has Red Bull got it right for the second time in a row?

No chance against Red Bull

The question also arises for McLaren, whose claim to first place came to an end after four races. The team blamed it on mistakes with the set-up and the track characteristics. Ferrari continues its pattern stubbornly. Average in training, a class better in the race. But that's not how you can become world champion against Red Bull.

Clean again takes fourth place. The Swiss cars felt at home in Suzuka, and the upgrade worked perfectly. Lotus has slipped to fifth, just ahead of Force India. Mercedes is already dealing with Toro Rosso. At the back, Caterham still has Marussia stuck in her fur like an annoying louse. HRT benefited from its Singapore technology package for the first time.

Power Ranking GP Japan 2012

Here it is Power ranking in a quick overview. As always, you can find the detailed form check with the performance status of all twelve teams in the picture gallery.

  1. Red Bull (2)
  2. McLaren (1)
  3. Ferrari (3)
  4. Clean (8)
  5. Lotus (6)
  6. Force India (4)
  7. Williams (7)
  8. Mercedes (5)
  9. Toro Rosso (9)
  10. Caterham (11)
  11. Marussia (10)
  12. HRT (12)
* in brackets position after the GP Singapore


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