Power ranking GP Japan 2011

Daniel Reinhard
Power-Ranking GP Japan 2011
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T he season is slowly coming to an end. Big updates are no longer expected in the last few races. Nevertheless, the balance of power in Suzuka was again thrown upside down. At the top, in midfield and also at the end, Suzuka's unusual pitch characteristics caused shifts.

Red Bull had to give up its top position after three wins in a row. Jenson Button was clearly in the fastest car. The fact that the two top teams have not yet checked off the season is not only evident from the many technology updates. The effort with which Red Bull flew a new front wing for Sebastian Vettel to Suzuka says everything about the intensity and rivalry between the two teams.

Many shifts in midfield

There were also shifts in midfield. At Sauber, the big update package had a positive impact, even if the point yield once again fell short of expectations. Renault has also swum a little free again after the Singapore bankruptcy. For Force India, however, things went backwards.

In the back field the conditions are clear. Williams is cemented in ninth place. Lotus also has a lot of room forwards and backwards in tenth place. After all, the young squad was happy that they succeeded for the first time in the fact that both cars were not lapped by the race winner.

Power Ranking GP Japan 2011

Here is a quick overview of the power ranking. As usual, you can find a detailed analysis of all twelve teams in the photo gallery.

  1. McLaren (2)
  2. Red Bull (1)
  3. Ferrari (3)
  4. Mercedes GP (5)
  5. Sauber (6)
  6. Force India (4)
  7. Renault (9)
  8. Toro Rosso (7)
  9. Williams (8)
  10. Lotus (10)
  11. Virgin (11)
  12. Hispania (12)

* in brackets placement from the Singapore GP


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