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Power ranking GP Italy: Ferrari number 1 despite defeat

Power Ranking GP Italy 2018
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E s was another race that Ferrari won had to and didn't win. The training showed again: Ferrari currently has the fastest package. Kimi Raikkonen has certainly benefited from the slipstream. But the same is true of Lewis Hamilton. The difference was still 0.175 seconds.

In the race, Ferrari only drove at half power. Sebastian Vettel's car was seriously injured in the collision with Lewis Hamilton. Nevertheless, Vettel hardly lost any ground on Hamilton.

Red Bull again without a chance

Kimi Raikkonen failed due to excessive tire wear. It wasn't a result of the way his car was set up, but of the circumstances. The Finn had to accelerate immediately with fresh tires and he drove eight laps behind Valtteri Bottas with reduced downforce.

en well done. An aero upgrade with changes to the wings under the wet and the baffles had an effect. The engine is on par in the race, apart from the short passages in which Ferrari turns on its afterburner. Mercedes had also worked on traction. Hamilton and Bottas came out of the slow corners better than at Spa.

Red Bull was a shocking 1.496 seconds back in practice. In the race it was an average of just 0.249 seconds. The failure rate is still far too high. Daniel Ricciardo did not finish for the fifth time due to a defect.

Power Ranking GP Italy 2018

Here is the power ranking from the GP Italy. As always, the detailed form check of all 10 teams can be found in our gallery.

  1. Ferrari (1)
  2. Mercedes (2)
  3. Red Bull (3)
  4. Force India (4)
  5. HaasF1 (5)
  6. Renault (8)
  7. Williams (9 )
  8. Clean (7)
  9. Toro Rosso (6)
  10. McLaren (10)

* in brackets position after the GP Belgium


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