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Power Ranking GP Italy 2015: The engine determines the order

Power Ranking GP Italy 2015
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M Mercedes and Ferrari brought new engines to Monza. One redeemed 7 tokens, the other third. Ferrari increased its performance in the short term, but the first stage of the Mercedes V6 turbo is a long-term project. When the engineers have enough experience with the new petrol from Petronas, things really take off. Although the Mercedes phase 2 engine is only in its infancy, it was enough to win.

Ferrari caught up, especially in training. Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen can now, like Mercedes, unleash significantly more horsepower when the power button is pressed. This means that Mercedes no longer makes the big leap in qualifying.

The customer teams had to queue up. You drive fresh engines, but lag behind an evolution. Williams was clearly the strongest Mercedes customer ahead of Force India and Lotus. Sauber benefited from the track layout, which requires a minimum of downforce.

Renault the one-eyed among the blind

Renault and Honda stood out mainly because of their engine changes. Renault put the sixth and seventh units into circulation for Red Bull. Honda has already reached number 9. Nevertheless, the brand new drive units are not bulletproof.

Daniel Ricciardo lost one of his brand new engines after 41 kilometers. Foreign parts got into the intake tract. There was also trouble at Honda. Fernando Alonso parked his McLaren 6 laps before the end with a loss of power.

The top speeds clearly showed the weaknesses of the problem children in the engine market. The Renault teams lost between 11 and 13 km /h. McLaren-Honda lagged behind on the home straight by 21 km /h. Red Bull pulled his head out of the loop with 5 championship points despite the bad starting positions. Toro Rosso came away empty-handed. McLaren-Honda too. Only Manor-Ferrari was even slower.

Power Ranking GP Italy 2015

Here we have our power ranking from the GP Italy in a short overview. As always, you can find the detailed form check of all 10 teams in the picture gallery.

  1. Mercedes (1)
  2. Ferrari (3)
  3. Williams (6)
  4. Force India (4)
  5. Red Bull (2)
  6. Lotus (5)
  7. Clean (8 )
  8. Toro Rosso (7)
  9. McLaren (9)
  10. Manor Marussia (10)

* in brackets Position after the Belgian GP


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