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Power Ranking GP Hungary: Ferrari leads despite Mercedes victory

Power Ranking GP Hungary 2018
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T he Grand Prix of Germany and Hungary represented the balance of power Formula 1 upside down. Mercedes always won before Ferrari. The order is reversed on the route. When it's not raining or Ferrari doesn't make mistakes. In Hockenheim, the saving rain came in the race. In Budapest on Saturday. 'Without the rain we would never have made it to the front row,' admitted Lewis Hamilton. A day later he admitted: 'If the Ferrari had been on the front row, they would have disappeared on the horizon.'

Ferrari wins so much time in the full throttle that the opponents even on a track with few straights that can no longer make up for in the curves. The SF71H isn't the worst car in the corners either. Mercedes is currently feverishly looking for answers. If some are not found quickly, the next engine specification may come with a delay. Ferrari will probably show up at Spa with its next declaration of war. The customer teams were already in Hungary with the Spec3 engine.

The flash in the pan from Toro Rosso

Red Bull has to be content with 3rd place at the moment. A gap has opened up with Ferrari and Mercedes. More in training than in the race. Renault is struggling with reliability problems and the Red Bull chassis seems to have fallen asleep a bit. In the last two races, HaasF1 even moved a little closer to Red Bull. The US Ferrari is currently clearly number 4, even on tracks with slow corners. The great performance of the Toro Rosso was a flash in the pan. The Hungaroring is ideal for the STR13 chassis and the Honda engine.

Renault has to be careful. The further development stalls. The car is eating too much tire. There's not much going on in the engine. The lead over HaasF1 has shrunk to 16 points. McLaren hasn't gotten much better despite an aero package. Back in midfield in training and in the top ten in the race thanks to the tactics. Force India went into the summer break with a zero round. Hungary has always been a bad place for the team. Sauber weakened in Hungary. Williams is slightly better. The gap to the field is shrinking.

Power Ranking GP Hungary 2018

Here is the power ranking of the GP Hungary. As always, you can find the detailed form check of all 10 teams in our gallery.

  • 1. Ferrari (1)
  • 2. Mercedes (2)
  • 3.Red Bull (3)
  • 4. HaasF1 (4)
  • 5. Toro Rosso (9)
  • 6. Renault (5)
  • 7. McLaren (8)
  • 8. Force India (6)
  • 9. Clean (7)
  • 10. Williams (10)

* in brackets positions after the GP Germany


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