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Power Ranking GP Hungary 2022: Red Bull at the top

Hungarian GP 2022

Ferrari has the best car in the field. But after victories it is 9:4 for Red Bull. That says it all. Ferrari also gambled away its bonus again in Hungary. For fear of high tire wear, without trust in your own qualities.

Victory at the Hungarian GP was a must for Ferrari. The route 20 kilometers outside of Budapest is perfect for the red cars. 14 curves, one straight. Ferrari had to play off the superior downforce of its F1-75. But Red Bull won. And that too from tenth place on the grid. Ferrari did its homework badly and drew the wrong conclusions after a vastly superior Friday. In the race, you reacted to Red Bull's risk strategy without having to believe in your own qualities.

Mercedes on pole position. Ironically, on the fear track. In cool temperatures, of all things, where you usually have problems warming up your tyres. Ironically, after the worst Friday practice of the whole season. Like Red Bull, Mercedes took risks. With aggressive warm-up laps, with more rim heating than usual. That limited the tactics a bit on Sunday. Mercedes still got away with places 2 and 3.

Aston Martin in a sandwich

The midfield is slowly sorting itself out. McLaren and Alpine are ahead for fourth place. This time McLaren was slightly ahead. Alpine saw salvation in a one-stop strategy. What initially looked like a flop didn't pay off in the end. Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon ended up scoring as many points as Lando Norris. McLaren's problem is called Daniel Ricciardo. The racing team from Woking is currently only a one-man team.

Alfa Sauber, Haas, Alpha Tauri and Williams are left behind. The points account has been low for weeks. Haas failed to score twice, Alfa Sauber and Alpha Tauri four each, Williams eight times. Aston Martin hangs in the sandwich between the front and rear chasing pack. In the case of the green cars, however, the knot always only opens on Sunday. Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll are sometimes as fast as the Alpine and McLaren. From the bad starting positions, however, only small points remain.

Power Ranking Hungarian GP 2022

Here is a brief overview of the power ranking for the race in Budapest. As always, you can find the detailed form check of all ten teams in the slideshow.

  1. Red Bull (1)
  2. ferrari (2)
  3. alpine (4)
  4. Aston Martin (6)
  5. Alfa Romeo (8) Haas ( 9)
  6. Alpha Tauri (7)
  7. Williams (10)

*in brackets post-French GP position


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