Power Ranking GP China 2016

Red Bull
Power Ranking GP China 2016
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M ercedes, winning is currently made easy. The opponents shoot themselves in the knee. Or they are unlucky. It gets more colorful behind the Silver Arrows. In addition to red, there was also blue in Shanghai.

Mercedes and Ferrari under pressure

Ferrari faced competition from Red Bull. Even though the long straight on the Shanghai Red Bull circuit cost 4 tenths. Red Bull team boss Christian Horner is convinced: 'If it had rained, we would have won.'

Mercedes is also not quite sure this year. An unplanned gear change and engine problems. It shows that everyone has to go to the limit. Amazingly, the drive unit from Renault has so far had the fewest defects. And Renault shot far beyond the allowed contingent in 2015.

The loser in our China Power Ranking is HaasF1. The track layout did not fit the US Ferrari. Drivers and engineers got bogged down with the setup. HaasF1 even had to give way to McLaren-Honda in Shanghai.

Power Ranking GP China 2016

Here is the power ranking of the GP China. As always, you can find the detailed form check of all 11 teams in our gallery.

  1. Mercedes (1)
  2. Ferrari (2)
  3. Red Bull (3)
  4. Williams (6)
  5. Toro Rosso (5)
  6. Force India (7)
  7. McLaren ( 8)
  8. HaasF1 (4)
  9. Clean (9)
  10. Renault (10)
  11. Manor (11)

* in brackets position at the GP Bahrain


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