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Power ranking GP Canada: Ferrari upgrade beats Mercedes

Power ranking GP Canada
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I n training for the GP Canada separated Ferrari , Mercedes and Red Bull only 173 thousandths of a second. This is the best proof of how tight it is at the top. And there the little things decide whether to be or not.

One brings two upgrades, the other nothing. One gains 10 hp, the other stagnates. Ferrari upgraded aerodynamics and the engine. Mercedes canceled the debut of its Spec2 engine at the last minute. This is how Montreal went from a Mercedes track to Ferrari land.

Renault leads midfield

Red Bull had also upgraded. Minimal in aerodynamics, neat in the engine. Renault donated 12 hp more. The gap to Mercedes on a power track shrank, that to Ferrari not. Sebastian Vettel was unbeatable in Montreal. If Kimi Raikkonen hadn't put a wheel in the grass in Q3, there could have been a front row in red. A Mercedes and a Red Bull each made it onto the podium. From the point of view of the World Championship stand, however, with the wrong drivers.

The midfield is slowly getting a face. A trend can be read after seven races. Renault is at the forefront on all types of track. The score shows it. The French factory team has now set itself apart from McLaren by 16 points. But the Renault customer team is no longer Renault's opponent on the track. Force India has taken on the role.

HaasF1 has improved compared to Monte Carlo. The upgrade had an effect. You lost points in training. A burst intercooler relegated Romain Grosjean to the last starting place. There he met Pierre Gasly. The Toro Rosso also had to go back after changing the engine twice. The HaasF1 and Toro Rosso were practically equally fast in the race.

Power ranking GP Canada 2018

Here is the power ranking of the GP Canada. As always, you can find the detailed form check of all 10 teams in our gallery.

  1. Ferrari (2)
  2. Mercedes (3)
  3. Red Bull (1)
  4. Renault (5)
  5. Force India (4)
  6. Toro Rosso (7)
  7. HaasF1 ( 8)
  8. Clean (9)
  9. McLaren (6)
  10. Williams (10)

* in brackets after the GP Monaco


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