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Power Ranking GP Canada 2019: Intermediate high for Ferrari

Power Ranking GP Canada 2019
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D he paper form has already announced it. Ferrari would be stronger in Montreal than in the last four races. That they were even able to win in the end surprised Ferrari themselves. Mercedes was on par on one lap and better in the race.

Pole position went to Sebastian Vettel. When he also won the start, Lewis Hamilton had to eat stones. The race reminded him of what it means to drive behind another car. Engine and brake temperatures rise, understeer sets in, and the front tires bend their knees faster than is the case when driving freely at the top.

Vettel was only exposed. Without his mistake on lap 48, he would have won the race. And Hamilton still needed the stewards' help to celebrate his seventh win of the season. He would never have passed the Ferrari on the track. The red car was too fast on the straights for that. And not slow enough in the corners.

Mercdes only under pressure for a short time

On tracks where the rear tires are more demanding, Ferrari does better than on circuits like Shanghai or Barcelona. Team boss Mattia Binotto admitted after the race that it was only an intermediate high in Montreal. To put Mercedes under pressure everywhere, Ferrari needs two or three upgrades that work.

Jerry André
Lewis Hamilton put Ferrari under pressure throughout the race.

Red Bull had as in Bahrain little to order. Honda still lacks engine power for the power routes. 'We caught up less in the corners than we should,' said Max Verstappen. The Dutchman managed damage limitation with 5th place.

The two Renaults pushed each other in front of Pierre Gasly in the second Red Bull. At last everything went according to plan for the French. And prettyshowed Renault where you are. At the top of the midfield. Montreal also met the yellow-black cars. The Renault V6 turbo is no longer lacking in the engines of Mercedes and Ferrari. The car feels comfortable in slow corners.

Racing Point better than the result

McLaren was able to keep up in practice. What happened to the British racing team on Sunday was what had already cost Renault so many points. One car broke down with a defect, the other fell victim to a chain of unfortunate circumstances. Carlos Sainz had to pit early because the brakes overheated. At the end of a 66-lap stint, the Spaniard's tires broke.

Racing Point scored two points, but had the feeling that more would have been possible. Toro Rosso implemented what the car allowed with a counter. While Haas was beaten below value again, Alfa Romeo slipped to the end of the midfield. The GP Canada was already the third race without any points.

Power Ranking GP Canada 2019

Here is the Power Ranking of the GP Canada. As always, you can find the detailed form check of all 10 teams in our gallery.

  1. Mercedes (1)
  2. Ferrari (3)
  3. Red Bull (2)
  4. Renault (5)
  5. McLaren (6)
  6. Toro Rosso (4)
  7. Haas (7 )
  8. Racing Point (9)
  9. Alfa Romeo (8)
  10. Williams (10)

* in brackets Position after the GP Monaco


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