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Power Ranking GP Brazil 2018: Red Bull makes opponents look old

Power Ranking GP Brazil 2018
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U SA, Mexico, Brazil: Das Picture was the same every time. Red Bull was the fastest car in the race. Usually Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo come from ambush. Mexico was the exception with two Red Bulls on the front row. But Brazil already fit into the usual pattern again.

In practice, the Red Bull was half a second off Mercedes and Ferrari. But no sooner had the race kicked off than the two RB14s got a fresh boost. Verstappen and Ricciardo can drive consistently fast, especially on the soft tire compounds, and even over a longer distance. Because overtaking in Austin and Interlagos was easy, they made it fast enough.

Sauber leads midfield

Mercedes had tire problems in all three races. Once too hot, then too cold, in Sao Paulo too hot again. Ferrari gambled away with the vote. Kimi Raikkonen only got close to Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen because both drove with cars that were not intact. Verstappen lacked downforce, Hamilton lacked engine power. At Vettel, the tires did not want to come into their work window. A sensor problem worsened the balance.

Renault immediately lost fourth place in our power ranking after two good races. The yellow-black cars just don't like curves with long radii. At the end of the season, Sauber pays more and more for this. And all of this without any upgrades. Charles Leclerc was clearly the fourth fastest force behind the three top teams. Just ahead of the Haas cars that didn't have a clean race again.

Power Ranking GP Brazil 2018

Here is the power ranking from the GP Brazil. As always, you can find the detailed form check of all 10 teams in our gallery.

  1. Red Bull (2)
  2. Mercedes (3)
  3. Ferrari (1)
  4. Sauber (6)
  5. Haas F1 (8)
  6. Force India (5)
  7. Renault ( 4)
  8. Toro Rosso (7)
  9. McLaren (9)
  10. Williams (10)

* in brackets Placement after the GP Mexico


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