Power Ranking GP Brazil 2016

Power Ranking GP Brazil 2016
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R ed Bull bet on rain. Already on Saturday. Both vehicles were fully tuned for a race on a wet road. Maximum downforce, maximum traction, maximum mechanical grip. Mercedes and Ferrari left a back door open. They added downforce, but trimmed the chassis more towards dry races.

Brazil conditions almost ideal for Red Bull

If the sun had laughed over Sao Paulo on Sunday, Red Bull would have been against Mercedes and probably had no chance against Ferrari either. This was shown by the training result. But it was raining. Light but durable. Ideal conditions for Red Bull. Let's say almost ideal. The conditions called for rain tires. Mercedes is on a par. The Silver Arrows have more of a problem with the intermediates.

The small disadvantage of the incorrect suspension setup was corrected during the first break. Mercedes and Ferrari installed different stabilizers. Red Bull quickly realized that they wouldn't win against Lewis Hamilton on rain tires. That's why you played poker with intermediates from time to time. A mistake. It was too wet for the mixed tires. The additional pit stops cost 23 seconds and more than 10 positions.

Nasr makes Sauber look good

Behind the 3 top teams, Force India once again demonstrated its qualities. The VJM09 is an all-rounder and therefore also good in the rain. Williams has not yet solved his rain problem. The fact that you are still playing poker with the more critical intermediates speaks for an act of desperation. Force India made up 18 points and is practically through in the battle for 4th place.

The rain partially blurred the power balance of the cars. Felipe Nasr made his Sauber look better than it is. The same goes for Esteban Ocon at the Manor. The Toro Rosso drivers benefited from the good downforce of their STR11 and the fact that they did not make any mistakes.

Power Ranking GP Brazil

Here is a brief overview of the power ranking from the GP Brazil. As always, you can find the detailed form check of all 11 teams in our gallery.

  1. Mercedes (1)
  2. Red Bull (2)
  3. Ferrari (3)
  4. Force India (4)
  5. McLaren (6)
  6. Toro Rosso (7)
  7. Williams ( 5)
  8. Sauber (8)
  9. HaasF1 (10)
  10. Manor (11)
  11. Renault (9)

* in brackets position after the GP Mexico


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