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Power ranking GP Bahrain 2018: Ferrari cooks Mercedes

Power-Ranking GP Bahrain 2018
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D he first win was luck. The second honestly drove out. Ferrari used a weakness of Mercedes in qualifying and converted it into the second win of the season in the race. The opponent could not upset Ferrari even with tactical games. Sebastian Vettel was in the end by 0.699 seconds ahead. Red Bull didn't get past the second round. You stand in your own way with defects and accidents.

The Bahrain track layout suited Ferrari. That was the case last year. But the engineers from Maranello helped. They drove the car out of understeer. Not through an upgrade, but with better coordination. Suddenly the driver's confidence in the front of the car was there again.

Mercedes strains the rear tires

Mercedes lost time on the supersoft tires because the rear tires closed on a lap at the limit got hot. Looking back, you should have tried both cars with soft tires in training. Mercedes can catch up with the problem with the rear tires on other routes if they cannot find a quick solution. So it's no consolation that it didn't appear again in the race. The foundation for defeat in the race was laid in training.

In midfield you are not safe from surprises. The order will change from race to race. If HaasF1 was the surprise in Melbourne, then Toro Rosso in Bahrain would be the same. Red Bull's B-Team was clearly number 4 ahead of HaasF1. Renault, McLaren and Force India follow in close intervals.

Power Ranking GP Bahrain 2018

Here is the power ranking of the GP Bahrain. As always, you can find the detailed form check of all 10 teams in our gallery.

  1. Ferrari (3)
  2. Mercedes (1)
  3. Red Bull (2)
  4. Toro Rosso (8)
  5. HaasF1 (4)
  6. McLaren (5)
  7. Renault (6 )
  8. Force India (7)
  9. Clean (10)
  10. Williams (9)

* in brackets positions after the Australian GP


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