Power Ranking GP Abu Dhabi 2018

Power Ranking GP Abu Dhabi 2018
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M ercedes came first again in the final sprint Fought for in the form table. The Silver Arrow was the fastest car in Abu Dhabi. On a lap and in the race. That was due to the route characteristics, which Mercedes apparently accommodates. Five times on the front row in a row, that says it all. And there were no problems with the tires in the cooler evenings. Hamilton won not only because of the early pit stop in the VSC phase. The Englishman also had the speed.

The final fits into the overall picture of the season. The Mercedes was by no means always the fastest car in the field, but on average it suffered fewer flops than the opponents. And if it did, Lewis Hamilton minimized the damage. Ferrari suffered from Mexico Syndrome in Abu Dhabi. Where maximum downforce is required, the SF71H lacks the appropriate contact pressure. No wonder with a car that was as it was in July.

As usual, Red Bull was better in the race than in practice, but this time not fast enough. Regardless of the tire strategy: A win was not an option. If Ferrari stumbled over the bottom of the valley between Singapore and Suzuka, it was the races from Silverstone to Monza at Red Bull.

Haas sold below value

HaasF1 had the fastest car on average in midfield, but didn't make enough of it. The drivers made too many mistakes. Points were lost twice due to disqualifications. In Melbourne, both drivers dropped out after unsuccessful pit stops. Renault presented itself more balanced over the year. Despite the weakness in fast corners.

The same applies to Force India and Sauber. Force India has consistently scored points from the start. Sauber got going too late, but in the end was an equal competitor in the battle for fourth place. In the end, Toro Rosso no longer benefited from the Honda Spec 3 engine. Pierre Gasly stopped two engine failures in Abu Dhabi.

Sad but true: At the bottom of the field are two traditional teams. McLaren before Williams. The second oldest racing team slipped more and more into crisis after the GP Canada. Williams started at the bottom of the table and never found out from there.

Power Ranking GP Abu Dhabi 2018

Here is the Power Ranking of the GP Abu Dhabi. As always, you can find the detailed form check of all 10 teams in our gallery.

  1. Mercedes (2)
  2. Ferrari (3)
  3. Red Bull (1)
  4. Renault (7)
  5. HaasF1 (5)
  6. Force India (6)
  7. Clean (4)
  8. Toro Rosso (8)
  9. McLaren (9)
  10. Williams (10)

* in brackets position after the Brazilian GP


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