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Power Ranking Belgian GP 2018: Ferrari shocks Mercedes

Power Ranking GP Belgium 2018
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S he has had the best for three races Package in the box. But it took until the Belgian GP for Maranello to play his trump card. Rain intervened in Hockenheim and Budapest. Ferrari also stumbled on a wet track in Spa. The qualifying duel went to Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton. But while the Englishman was still able to successfully defend his pole position in Hungary, he was defenseless in Spa. Vettel's Ferrari flew away on the straight.

Mercedes speaks of many deficits. The weakness in slow corners is also part of it. The problem with the defending champions is that the Ferrari hardly has any weak points. Although the two SF71Hs were trimmed for less downforce than the Silver Arrows, Vettel was able to keep up with Hamilton in the winding Sector 2. It would be unfair to reduce Ferrari's latest offensive to engine power alone.

Red Bull is losing ground

Red Bull
The teams with Renault engines keep losing ground.

Red Bull is only a third force. Now with so much distance to the top that you can't even benefit from mistakes made by the two top teams. Ferrari and Mercedes have to fail.

Of course, Red Bull blames everything on the Renault engine. In Spa he was certainly the decisive factor for the average eight tenths behind. As Renault stagnates when it comes to engine performance, the difference in horsepower keeps increasing. The Monza wings on the RB14 didn't help either.

The revived Force India team was as good as the old one. Spa and Monza love the pink cars. Force India clearly played fourth fiddle behind the top three teams. Before HaasF1. Renault disappointed across the board and gave a worse resultFigure off as Toro Rosso and Sauber.

Power Ranking GP Belgium

  1. Ferrari (1)
  2. Mercedes (2)
  3. Red Bull (3)
  4. Force India (8)
  5. HaasF1 (4)
  6. Toro Rosso (5)
  7. Sauber (9)
  8. Renault (6)
  9. Williams (10)
  10. McLaren (7)

* in brackets position after the GP Hungary


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