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Power Ranking Australian GP 2018: Mercedes ahead despite Ferrari victory

Power Ranking GP Australia 2018
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I Italy cheers. Ferrari won the first race of the year with Sebastian Vettel. And with Kimi Räikkönen, a second driver was placed on the podium. Ferrari clearly leads the constructors' championship with 40 points. Usually a clear case for first place in our power ranking.

But we only classify the reds in third place. Clearly behind Mercedes and just behind Red Bull. Let's not kid ourselves: Vettel's victory was a godsend. Without Ferrari's clever tactics, a VSC phase at the right time, Mercedes’s calculation error and the overtaking problem in Melbourne, Vettel would never have won -A_-article__inline-container '>

Mercedes drives in a league of its own on one lap.

Mercedes was almost 7 tenths faster in practice. During the race, the Silver Arrows' lead was reduced to around four tenths per lap. Vettel would also commit himself to this value. Whenever Hamilton had to accelerate, the real strength of the Mercedes showed. This was shown when he made up 2.9 seconds behind within a few laps after braking at Turn 9.

Red Bull also made a stronger impression. Both drivers gambled away in practice. Max Verstappen through a mistake in turn 13, Daniel Ricciardo with his starting place penalty. Verstappen would have made it to the front row without the mistake. And then it would have been interesting to see if he could have followed Hamilton.

Red Bull believes that it will be Mercedes in the race. Motorsport boss Helmut Marko refers to Ricciardo's fastest race lap on rather worn tires. In training, he estimates the gap to be half a second. Because of the engine factor, of course. Whatbut not the only reason.

Power Ranking GP Australia 2018

Here is the Power Ranking of the GP Australia. As always, the detailed form check of all 10 teams can be found in our gallery.

  1. Mercedes (1)
  2. Red Bull (2)
  3. Ferrari (3)
  4. Haas F1 (4)
  5. McLaren (6)
  6. Renault (5)
  7. Force India ( 7)
  8. Toro Rosso (8)
  9. Williams (9)
  10. Clean (10)

* in brackets the position after the winter test drives


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