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Power ranking after F1 tests: the first form check of the year

Power ranking according to F1 tests
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W e have 8 days of testing in Barcelona Followed live, analyzed thousands of data sets and asked experts from all teams just to have to tell you: Mercedes is still our number 1 in the field.

Although Ferrari and also did the fastest laps during the test drives in Barcelona put down the fastest long run, we somehow have the feeling that the Silver Arrows have not yet revealed their cards. The defending champion's reliability is already breathtaking.

Ferrari catches up with Mercedes

Ferrari has for everyone Fall caught up. Emotionally, the distance is 2 to 3 tenths. But the challenger is operating at the limit. Especially with the engine. The security is far from there as with Mercedes.

Mercedes and Ferrari drive in a class of their own. Behind it comes a trio of Williams, Red Bull and Toro Rosso. Then comes Force India. One step behind, McLaren-Honda, HaasF1, Renault and Sauber form another group.

In the midfield, we expect major shifts in the course of the year. Depending on when Honda and Renault find performance. Manor is still at the bottom. However, not as hopeless as last year.

Power ranking after the F1 tests

In our gallery we have a detailed form check of all 11 teams after the test drives. Here is the power ranking in tabular form:

  1. Mercedes
  2. Ferrari
  3. Williams
  4. Red Bull
  5. Toro Rosso
  6. Force India
  7. McLaren
  8. Renault
  9. HaasF1
  10. Clean
  11. Manor


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