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Police arrest route runner: Drunk Englishman on the route

Police arrest runner
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H ockenheim 2000, Silverstone 2003, Singapore 2015: These 3 races have something in common. Each time a man ran across the route. And that's why the race had to be neutralized. In all 3 cases a Ferrari driver won. In 2000 and 2003 Rubens Barrichello benefited from this. And this time, distance runner Sebastian Vettel made winning easier. The safety car came just as Daniel Ricciardo was nibbling at the deficit on Vettel again.

In the 37th lap, FIA race director Charlie Whiting got a beep on his ear. This means that a yellow flag is waved somewhere along the route. And then he heard Sebastian Vettel on the radio. 'There is a man running across the track.'

Then Whiting saw the mess on the track camera at turn 13. A man in mid-length trousers and a T-shirt first climbed over the safety barriers and then reached the race track via one of the service driveways in the middle of the long straight on the Esplanade Bridge.

Astray crosses the track calmly

The astray crossed the path calmly from right to left, stopped briefly in the middle of the street to look for a suitable exit and ran then to the left edge of the track. At that moment, Vettel appeared from Turn 13. The man continued walking towards the field without much hurry, albeit in a heavily swaying gait. The police later found out that it was a 27-year-old Englishman in a very intoxicated state.

Vettel said seriously: 'I had to look twice before I could believe it. One came to me I flew 280 things up. Honestly, I wouldn't have dared to do it. '

Then he joked:' I think the guy took a picture. Hopefully at least it is got hot. ' After Vettel, Rossi, Ricciardo, Stevens, Räikkönen, Rosberg and Bottas had passed the man, he disappeared through a second opening in the wall into the interior of the route. In total, he was on the track for around 45 seconds.


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