Pit stops: Mercedes with the best pit crew

Pit stops
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M he refueling ban gave the pit stop a special meaning. This year the tire changing crew decided on the downtime. In the past, the driver still had to wait a long time for the gas station attendant to get the lollipop up. The refueling ban has significantly accelerated pit stops.

Vettel with the shortest stop

Red Bull made the fastest single stop with Sebastian Vettel in Monza. The future world champion stood still for just 2.9 seconds. In total, Vettel only spent 21.558 seconds in the pit lane. The way from the entrance to the exit is extremely short in Monza.

Over the course of the season, Mercedes had the best pit choreography. The trophy for the fastest tire changers went to the Silver Arrows team eight times. Nico Rosberg spent the least time in the pit lane in Malaysia, Turkey and Germany. In China, Spain, Monaco, England and Belgium Michael Schumacher was able to thank his brisk boys.

Red Bull landed in second place, changing four tires in Bahrain, Australia, Hungary, Italy and Abu Dhabi in the shortest possible time. Ferrari was in a class of its own in Canada, Europe and Singapore. The Sauber fitters won the competition for the fastest pit stop in Korea and Brazil, and the McLaren squad landed a victory in Japan.

Ferrari and MercedesGP relied on a fully automatic traffic light system for the pit stop. If everything works, that's half a second faster than the classic lollipop variant. But if the slightest thing goes wrong, as with Rosberg in Barcelona and Budapest, there is no turning back. When the light is green, the driver drives off. The system is so tricky because the last impact wrench that releases the wheel nut controls the impulse for the traffic light. If the nut is tilted on the hub and the fitter starts again, it is already too late.

The pit crew based on scientific findings

Red Bull let his team optimize the pit stops Inspire the Nascar team. The team that changed tires at Vettel and Webber was put together according to scientific findings. The four mechanics who were the quickest to use the device during the winter training sessions worked on the impact wrenches. The man with the most stable nerves served the lollipop. He was selected after a psychological test.

Most mishapswhen changing tires there was a lotus box. Jarno Trulli and Heikki Kovalainen had to wait five times longer than all of the competition. At Renault it was either good or very bad. The pit stops in Canada, Europe, Belgium and Korea went badly. An unfortunate stop in Spa cost Robert Kubica second place. Hispania was also bottom four times. No shame, because it hit the top of the class too. In Spain and Brazil, Mercedes had the longest standing time on the pits.


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