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Pit accident at Ferrari: mechanic with broken leg in hospital

Pit accident at Ferrari
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B e Ferrari, the celebration fell despite the Sebastian Vettel's victory is a little shorter than usual. The dramatic incident at Kimi Räikkönen's second pit stop noticeably depressed the mood. A mechanic was injured because the Finn set off before the tire change was completely completed.

More precisely, the left rear wheel on the number 7 Ferrari had not yet been pulled off. Raikkonen wanted to switch from soft rubbers for the final sprint to super softs. But for some reason the rear left wheel couldn't be balanced off the axle. Immediately after the race, the team leaders were unable to disclose the cause of the problem.

Mechanics without a chance to evade

The mechanic received immediate medical attention.

The effects were dramatic : When the other three corners of the car had been cleared, the pilot raced off, although work was still going on in the back left. The mechanic who had the new bike ready had unfortunately placed his foot exactly in the driving line when fully loaded. As can be seen in the video of the pit area, the leg simply buckled when Raikkonen accelerated.

The Italian fell in pain. Fortunately, paramedics were on site within seconds. The injured man was taken to the medical center on a stretcher for an initial examination. A fracture of the tibia and fibula on the left leg was quickly diagnosed there, which resulted in immediate transport to the nearest hospital, where the operation was being prepared.

Raikkonen is not to blame

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For Kimi Räikkönen the race was over immediately after the incident.

For Raikkonen the accident meant the immediate end of the race. The Finn was forced to stop in the pit lane. “I didn't really notice it. I just look ahead at the traffic light, which has turned green, and not what is happening in the rearview mirror, ”the pilot defended himself.

The FIA ​​was surprised that there were so many this year Pit stop problems exist. In Australia it hit the two Haas cars that were sent off with loose wheels. Incidentally, these were also wheel hubs and nuts that are identical to those from Ferrari.

Accumulation of Ferrari pit stop problems

In Bahrain, Kimi Räikkönen was again from the second training session same problem affected. The Finn had to park his car on the track. And now, of all things, something went wrong with his car - albeit in a slightly different way. According to the FIA, the accumulation was a bit noticeable, even if the referees emphasized that the cases were different.

They now want to investigate the problem more closely. A tougher penalty for unsafe pit stops is apparently out of the question: “The message is that the drivers must stop immediately if something like this happens. I don't think there is a more severe penalty than abandoning your own race, ”said race director Charlie Whiting.


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