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Pirelli's world of figures: 15,652 tires for the 2016 F1 season

Pirelli's world of numbers
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E s was the longest Formula 1 season of all time. That is why Pirelli can also present record numbers. A total of 42,792 tires were delivered to the 11 teams during the 21 races and test drives. 38,112 were accounted for on the race weekends, and 4,680 on test operations. 28,188 of these were slicks, 14,604 rain tires or intermediates.

Of the tires on offer, only a strong third were actually used. 15,652 tires were used on the 63 days of driving from Friday to Sunday. All 2016 tires added up were spooled 384,705 kilometers in races and test drives. The favorite was the soft tire with 133,988 kilometers. All tires, whether used or unused, have been recycled.

rad (Mexico) to 61 degrees (Malaysia) asphalt temperature.

Verstappen is the best overtaker

The high number of Pirelli makes pit stops and overtaking maneuvers based on the new rule that teams were allowed to choose between three types of tires. The Italians counted 44.4 pit stops per race, including drive-through penalties and pit stops during interruptions. Pirelli calculates the average number of overtaking maneuvers per Grand Prix at 41.2 per race.

According to this, Max Verstappen is the best overtaker with 78 position changes on the track. Lewis Hamilton did the most overtaking maneuvers in a race at the Chinese GP when he was 18. Sebastian Vettel defends his position best. The Ferrari driver was only overtaken once during the season. At Max Verstappen's Brazilian GP. Fernando Alonso was the most aggressive driver on the first lap. The Spaniard made up 41 positions in 20 starting laps.


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