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Pirelli with new tires: more laps, fewer pit stops

Pirelli with new tires
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D hat is not a joke. Pirelli had a winter tire on offer for the test drives in Jerez. In principle the hard rubber compound, which, however, reaches operating temperature faster than the standard rubber. For Pirelli, Jerez is the circuit with the least expressiveness. The rough asphalt combined with low temperatures shows no resemblance to what the teams can expect at the 20 races on the calendar.

To learn anything at all, the asphalt temperatures would have to rise above 20 degrees. So far, they have barely climbed beyond 16 degrees. In addition to its 'Winter-Hart', Pirelli offers all four compounds. So far, the teams have limited themselves to the tire types soft, medium, hard and the special tires mentioned above. The supersoft rubber will probably stay in the van. It doesn't do anything in Jerez.

Vettel best time with medium tires

The fastest lap time of the first 3 days, set up by Sebastian Vettel, was achieved on medium tires. This is remarkable, because the time advantage of the 'soft' compound is 1.5 seconds in Jerez. There are around 1.2 seconds between the medium tire and the hardest set. The winter tire ranks in the middle.

Valtteri Bottas, Felipe Massa, Felipe Nasr, Pastor Maldonado and Carlos Sainz junior achieved their fastest lap times on the soft tire. Nico Rosberg, Daniel Ricciardo and Kimi Raikkonen, like Vettel, limited themselves to the 'medium' tire type. Lewis Hamilton even achieved his lap of 1.22.490 minutes on Monday on the winter tire.

The drivers were satisfied with the new offer. This is mainly due to a new design of the rear tires. It improves the contact surface of the tire. This distributes the heat more evenly over the running surface. This reduces abrasion and extends the service life. The risk of the rubber layer becoming grainy has decreased. A longer life automatically means fewer pit stops. Pirelli can manage this by going a step softer than last year with the offer on the route.


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