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Pirelli versus Hankook: What is Hankook worth in Formula 1?

Pirelli versus Hankook
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D The FIA ​​has announced the tender for the tire contract for the Formula 1 closed from 2020. The only remaining applicants are Pirelli and Hankook. Michelin has canceled. The plan of those responsible for F1 to still drive on the 13-inch rims in 2020 has apparently killed the interest of the French.

The further process of decision-making has been mapped out. The FIA ​​now has 14 days to check whether the candidates are technically and logistically capable of equipping Formula 1. There should be no doubt about that with Pirelli. Hankook would be new to Formula 1. The Koreans are already racing in the DTM and Formula 3.

Decision in two steps

If Hankook passes the FIA ​​test, it will Case passed on to Formula 1 management. 'We then check the applicants' financial offers,' explains Ross Brawn. The money that the tire partner spends on accompanying advertising goes into the large bonus pot and is therefore also of interest to the teams. It is about three-digit million contracts.

The selection process could take several weeks. Things can get tight for Pirelli here. If Hankook wants to stand in the shop window in Formula 1, they will also be prepared to spend the money on it.

However, a newcomer always entails a risk. It wouldn't be so bad in a tire war. There are alternatives. But when a monopoly fails, things get tight. When Pirelli replaced Bridgestone in 2011, there was nothing to worry about. Pirelli has been in Formula 1 business every now and then since the 1950s.

For Hankook, the premier class would be a real challenge. Not just because Koreans have to produce tires for the fastest cars in the world. The F1 management also requires tires that wear out in a controlled manner so that the strategy can become a decisive factor in the race.

Hankook would have to develop twice

The next supplier has another special one Added task. In 2020 Formula 1 will be racing with the usual 13-inch wheels. Pirelli doesn't have to develop the tires especially for it. Hankook does. From 2021, Formula 1 will then roll on 18-inch wheels. This is new territory for both of them.

Hankook would have to develop twice within a year. “A real challenge for a newcomer,” says Force India Technical Director Andy Green. And one more problem would ariseHankook too. The Koreans could not test with the current cars in 2019 because the teams are all still under contract with Pirelli. The new applicant would have to put his own car with his own test pilot on the wheels.


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