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Pirelli under suspicion: & # 34; The suffering of a tire supplier & # 34;

Pirelli under suspicion
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P irelli has one of the toughest jobs in Formula 1 If not the hardest. The tire supplier has to make the FIA, Bernie Ecclestone, 11 teams and 22 drivers happy. An impossibility. At least one of them always scolds.

Pirelli reconsiders high tire pressures

After the first day of training for the GP China 2016 it was Romain Grosjean. The Haas driver complained about the high tire pressures of 23 PSI at the front and 20 PSI at the rear. 'It drives like on wooden wheels. The car understeers, you lock the front brakes all the time. And you have no traction. There is no grip.' Max Verstappen, on the other hand, expressed himself more diplomatically: 'It's the same for everyone. The high pressures mean you simply have less grip. But that's the way it is.' . He also saw the lack of traction as a problem. Then the factual answer to the Grosjean attack: 'We have to analyze now, look at the telemetry data of the teams and the simulations before the weekend. Then we check whether the regulations we have made are correct.' Means: The regulations could be relaxed.

Tire blowouts were not on Pirelli's account

The 3 blowouts the first free practice session on Felipe Massa and Romain Grosjean's cars did not disturb Pirelli. Pirelli is used to the fact that everyone points their finger at the Italian tire company as soon as a tire is damaged. 'That's the suffering of a tire supplier. But that's life,' Hembery sums up.

The cause of the flat tires lay with the teams concerned. The suspension on Kevin Magnussen's Renault was broken. On Felipe Massa's Williams, the brake fairing had chafed through the rim.

Hembery explains how Pirelli ruled out being to blame for the damage. 'It's a process of elimination. You go through the data that you can get from the teams. Then there are the clues from the driver. And then you still have objective evidence when you look at the tires.' And of course experience.

For the GP China, Pirelli is bringing the mixes supersoft, soft and medium, as in previous races. The differences between the sets are not quite as expected. 'It's 7 tenths betweenSupersoft and Soft. Another second between soft and medium. There should actually be more in between, 'explains Hembery.

The tire guru expects that the softest compound will only play a major role in qualifying and the first laps of the race.' The Supersoft is more or less a qualifying tire . We expect it to be discarded after 7 or 8 laps. '

Pirelli wants to make overtaking easier in 2017

Friday in Shanghai also brought good news for Pirelli. The FIA ​​created the framework conditions for tire tests with a view to the newly planned 2017 generation of cars. Modified 2015 cars are to be tested this year, but test cars have to be built first.

Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull, McLaren and Williams have expressed their interest. 'It's a question of who can do it,' says Hembery. Pirelli has a possible time for the first tire tests with the converted 2015 cars -Sport boss already in view. 'I would anticipate the end of July. All around Hockenheim. '

With the wider tires, Pirelli also wants to make overtaking easier.' We are working on tires that have a wider working window and do not overheat too quickly in the turbulence. 'That simplifies driving behind. And then, according to the hopes of those responsible, overtaking.


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