Pirelli tires: Supersoft debut in Monaco

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P irelli is on the conservative side this year. In Bahrain, sports director Paul Hembery admitted that instead of 'soft' and 'medium' one could also have used 'supersoft' and 'soft'. 'That might even have been the better choice. But we had to make a decision before the season for logistical reasons. And after the tests in cool Spain, we opted for the safe variant.'

Pirelli chooses the same Mixtures like 2014

Also in the next races no great risks are taken. On the circuit in Spain, which, with its fast corners, places great demands on the tires, Pirelli has the hardest compounds 'medium' and 'hard' in their luggage. The 'Supersofts' then make their debut on the slow street circuit in Monaco in combination with the 'Softs'.

The past has shown that even the softest mixture from the Pirelli range is still too hard for the smooth asphalt and is the angled curves of Monte Carlo. This year, too, fans will have to be prepared for a one-stop race.

In Canada and Austria, too, Pirelli opted for the same compounds as in 2014. As in Monaco, the cars are equipped with 'supersoft' and 'soft'. However, there should be a little more action in the boxes in Spielberg and Montreal. It is especially important for Ferrari that the tires are not too hard. The red car tends to be a little more careful with the rubbers than the Mercedes.


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