Pirelli tires for Bahrain and China

Pirelli tires for Bahrain and China
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P At the beginning of the 2016 season, irelli is relying on continuity. For the Australian GP, ​​the tire supplier has already determined the compounds Supersoft, Soft and Medium. The Italians are also sticking to this selection in Bahrain and China.

Ultrasoft will remain in the drawer until Monaco

In the past season, the manufacturer chose from the four available varieties in both Race out the soft and medium, respectively. For the coming year, however, Pirelli is expanding its range to include the purple-marked Ultrasoft to a total of five tire compounds. Three of these are carted to the race tracks.

In total, each driver receives 13 sets of tires per weekend. You can choose 10 of them yourself. For races outside of Europe, the racing teams must submit their choice 14 weeks before the GP weekend, for races in Europe 8 weeks in advance.

For both the Bahrain GP and the Chinese GP, each driver must each have a set of the medium and soft. One of them must be used in the race. For the third part of qualifying, Pirelli determines the Supersoft.


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