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Pirelli tires for 2016: early warning system for high wear

Pirelli tires for 2016
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D he new tire rule has been sufficiently criticized. The teams can individually select 3 tire compounds from the 5 types on offer for their drivers. After a mode that nobody understands. The Ultrasoft mixture is new to the range. Evil tongues claim that it is the supersoft tire from 2014. Last year all compounds got one level harder. A Supersoft from 2015 corresponds to a Soft from 2014.

The larger selection is not the only innovation at Pirelli. There is also a new rain tire. The tread and rubber mixture have been changed. The new design is supposed to displace more than the previous amount of 65 liters of water at 300 km /h. According to Pirelli, the drivers said they were positive about the new bad weather rubbers.

Hard rubber layer as an indicator

The new tire constructions that were tested after the season finale in Abu Dhabi will not be used. Pirelli justified the measure towards the teams with the fact that the lap times would not be faster. Instead, it was announced internally that the tire pressures would be increased again.

Allegedly, air pressures of 23 and 24 PSI were required for the test drives in Barcelona. Which of course has a negative effect on the lap times. Pirelli sees the increased pressures as an antidote to the increased downforce in the new cars. It is assumed that there will be 10 percent more contact pressure.

Pirelli has come up with a second precautionary measure so that tire blowouts like the one in Spa in 2015 do not happen again. The tires get an early warning system. A second, harder rubber layer is baked under the outer rubber layer. When the tread has worn to a dangerous level, the tire will roll on the hard rubber layer.

The dramatic loss of grip then reminds the driver that it is time to change tires. Pirelli is betting that the lap times will increase sharply. Nobody would feel like driving the tire to the bitter end.

In our gallery we show the first pictures of the new ultra-soft tires in use.


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