Pirelli tire choices for Australia by driver

Pirelli tire choice for Australia
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P irelli provides 3 different types of tires for the Australian GP: Medium, soft, super soft. Medium and soft must be driven at least once in the race, and the supersoft in Q3.

Engineers choose Pirelli tires

Each driver gets 13 sets and can now make their own choice put together. Theoretically. Force India and Mercedes have confirmed to auto motor und sport that the engineers choose the tires, not the drivers. This works until the first driver feels disadvantaged.

In 8 of the 11 teams, the two drivers were served the same. There are only differences at Mercedes, HaasF1 and Sauber. Only one set of Medium, 6 sets of Soft and 6 sets of Supersoft were requested for Lewis Hamilton. Rosberg gets 2 sets of Medium, 5 sets of Soft and 6 sets of Supersoft. So the challenger plays the conservative variant, the world champion's team the risky one.

Hamilton cannot possibly burn his medium sentence in the free practice sessions because he has to race it at least once. He doesn't want to slide around on ancient tires. Rosberg, on the other hand, opted for the same choice as Ferrari. As if the two top teams had agreed. So it has to be doubted whether the new tire regulations offer any big surprises.

Also Sauber and HaasF1 with different choices

When comparing the teams, two things stand out. Only Manor ordered Medium 4 times, but Supersoft only 5 times. For Pascal Wehrlein and Rio Haryanto, driving experience in free practice is more important than the super glue in qualification. McLaren, Williams and Renault mainly rely on the soft compounds and are content with one medium sentence each.

Many teams play it safe at the first Grand Prix. You first want to see whether the new tire regulations make a difference. 'In the first 4 races there are no differences between Nico and Sergio. With a little more experience we willWe also serve our drivers individually depending on the route and tire range, 'reveals Force India team manager Andy Stevenson.


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