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Pirelli tightens tire limits: higher starting pressures are mandatory

Pirelli tightens tire limits
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P irelli has announced clarification for Thursday (3.9.). Then the group's tire experts want to comment on Spa’s tire blowouts. Sebastian Vettel's puncture on lap 42 of the Belgian GP had remained a mystery to the last. The attempts to explain ranged from a cut in the tire, excessive wear and contact with the base plate, to fatigue fractures in the construction.

Before Pirelli went public with his analysis, CEO Marco Tronchetti Provera wanted to talk to the FIA -President Jean Todt consultation. This conversation should then also be about whether Pirelli insists on a maximum running time for the two types of tires for safety reasons. So far, Pirelli has only given the teams guidelines.

Half a degree down in the camber

Said guideline should be for The Monza high-speed track was 46 laps for the 'medium' compound and 29 laps for the 'soft' tire type. Two limit values ​​that could change over the weekend. Monza is traditionally a one-stop race. The tires must therefore last a relatively long time. Lewis Hamilton pitted last year on lap 25. The remaining distance was 28 laps. But in 2014 Pirelli still launched the 'hard' and 'medium' mixtures.

Pirelli knows no mercy when it comes to the other limit values. The Italian tire company plays it safe. The limit values ​​for the wheel camber were reduced by half a degree. From 3.5 to 3.0 degrees in the front and from 2.5 to 2.0 degrees in the back. Pirelli is even more conservative when it comes to tire pressures in the state. They have been increased from 18 PSI at the front and rear to 23 PSI at the front and 22 PSI at the rear. This is to prevent the tire sidewalls from working too hard. It relieves the shoulders and loads the tread. It will heat up more in the middle.


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