Pirelli selects tires for the Austrian GP

Pirelli determines tires for Austrian GP
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I n last year Pirelli equipped the teams at the Grand Prix in Austria with the soft and supersoft mixtures. As is well known, the selection procedure for rubber types changed in 2016. The tire supplier carts three different sets to the track.

3. Use for Ultrasoft tires

In Austria, alongside last year's tires, this will be the new Ultrasoft - i.e. the softest compound ever offered by the Italians. The Austrian GP will be the third use of the purple-marked tire. Before that, it made its debut at the Monaco GP and will also be racing in Canada.

Every weekend, every team and driver has 13 sets of dry tires available. You can put 10 of these together for your contingent according to your own taste. Pirelli sets conditions for the remaining sets. For the 9th Grand Prix of the year they look like this: every driver must have a soft and super soft set ready for the race. One of these must be driven on Sunday.

For the third part of the qualification, the teams must also have saved one set of the Ultrasofts for each driver. It has to be returned at the end. The drivers outside of Q3 are allowed to keep it as an additional option for the race.


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