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Pirelli selects tires for the 2016 Australian GP

Pirelli determines tires for Australia
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I In the 2015 season, Pirelli brought the medium and soft tires with to Albert Park in Melbourne. The rules will change in the coming year. From then on, the Italian rubber supplier will be able to determine three compounds that will be made available to the teams per race.

F1 teams will be allowed to choose 10 out of 13 tire sets themselves

Similar to this year, Pirelli has for the season opener 2016 in Australia, the white and yellow marked rollers are nominated. In addition there is the supersoft adhesive. We will only see the debut of the new Ultrasoft in Monaco.

The teams now have until the middle of next week to choose 10 of their 13 sets per driver from the three compounds offered for Australia. For races outside of Europe, the teams must submit their choice 14 weeks before the GP weekend, for races in Europe 8 weeks in advance. So it is written in the sporting regulations for 2016 in paragraph 24.2. The teams pass their wishes on to the FIA, which in turn informs Pirelli. Should a racing team sweat the deadline, the FIA ​​will decide on the tire sets. The secret of who ordered which rubber will not be revealed until two weeks before the respective race.

The remaining three sets of tires are specified by the tire supplier. Pirelli prescribes medium and soft for the teams for the race. Both mixtures must be available on race Sunday, at least one must be used. For the third qualifying round, Pirelli selected the supersofts.


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