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Pirelli rejects Force India idea: 18 inch tire test with GP2

Pirelli rejects Force India idea
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B arcelona is a tire killer. The sore spot is in the front left. But the left rear tire also suffers. That is why Pirelli brought the 'medium' and 'hard' tire compounds to Spain. Mercedes believes that Pirelli could have used the 'soft' tire type.

No softer tires

Sports director Paul Hembery contradicts: 'Then we would have had three or four stops in the race. The asphalt temperatures are 20 degrees above those in the winter tests. That's why the load is much higher. With the hard tire compounds, it will probably be two stops. It only will one, people complain too. We can never please everyone. '

Hembery contradicts press reports that Pirelli wants to tend towards soft mixtures in the future. 'It's nothing new that we ride soft and super soft in Monte Carlo. We had that too last year. Otherwise, I can only see the possibility of going softer on one or two tracks than in 2014. Sochi is such a case. We were there last year too cautious because the track was new. '

Six compounds and wider tires for 2017?

The Force India's idea that each team should individually determine its two tire types with a lead time of four weeks does not appeal to Hembery. 'The top teams will all play it safe. There are no moments of surprise. Further down the field, the game is played with mixtures that are too soft. If a Manor then comes in after five laps with tattered tires, that's not a good picture for Pirelli.'

According to Hembery, tires that are too soft can very well become a problem if you drive them for too long: 'If the tread heats up too much, the carcass also suffers.' Hembery doesn't think that the tires will change in 2016. Different thinking models are being discussed for 2017. For example, to increase the offer to six mixtures. What is certain is that the tires will get wider.

GP2 is testing with 18-inch tires

The 18-inch wheels are also not off the table yet. Although the teams have concerns because they would have to realign their chassis and thus the aerodynamics. Pirelli wants to research further in this area. For now only with the GP2. The second class tests after Formula 1 in Barcelona. And 18-inch wheels are used for this.

In our gallery we once again show the photos from Lotus' first 18-inch tire test in Silverstone.


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