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Pirelli presents first tire choice: two times softer, one time harder

Pirelli presents first tire choice
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P irelli is still committed to the show. Part of the surprise program is to nominate the tire types for the individual Grand Prix as late as possible. The first training session will take place in Melbourne's Albert Park on Friday (February 17th) in four weeks. Pirelli has now announced the tires for the season opener and the next two races. The mixtures soft and medium are used for the Australian GP.

Pirelli takes more risk

That means a little more risk compared to last year. In 2011 drivers could choose between soft and hard. To everyone's surprise, most of the drivers made it through two pit stops, Sergio Pérez even with one. 'We were probably a bit too conservative,' said tire boss Paul Hembery looking back. 'But it was also the first race and nobody knew what to expect.'

According to the experiences of the test week in Jerez, the lap times will vary by a maximum of five to six tenths. This is intentional in order to encourage the teams to adopt different strategies. Pirelli's courage to take risks is not only reflected in the fact that the harder of the two options is a medium tire and not the old concrete tire brand 'hard'. The three tire types soft, medium and hard have also slipped one step towards super soft in terms of the degree of softness of their rubber mixture.

Also in China, medium instead of hard

Also for the GP China it brings Italian tire manufacturer with the brands soft and medium. There, too, it was soft and tough last year. At the GP Malaysia, however, Pirelli built a safety buffer. Instead of soft and hard, this time medium and hard are at the start. Since the medium corresponds to the old soft tire and the hard type corresponds to last year's medium, the requirements are roughly comparable to 2011.

A year ago, the drivers came to the pits between three and four times to change tires. The long curves took their toll. Sepang could also be the debut for the intermediates and rain tires. Four sets of mixed tires (green) and three sets of bad weather tires (blue) are available for each driver.


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