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Pirelli plans for 2016: three mixes per team per race

Pirelli plans for 2016
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2 016 the fans have to get used to it. The cars will probably be on the track with different tires more often. Pirelli will in future provide the teams with 3 different mixtures. So far, only 2 types of tire have been offered. This should increase the options in terms of racing strategy.

The teams can freely choose how many sets of each compound they want to order from the tire supplier for a racing weekend. If chief engineer Mario Isola has its way, the teams can even choose different combinations of the 13 sets of dry tires depending on the driver.

Pirelli will publish a special calendar with the dates by when the teams will each be ready for one Races have to decide. However, the 3 degrees of hardness that are available for a route are specified by Pirelli. The aim is to prevent the teams from choosing mixtures that are too risky and that do not suit the respective track.

Pirelli is hoping for more excitement

As before, only two varieties have to be used in the race . If you want, you can of course use 3 different mixtures. 'There are still discussions about the details. But in general the same system should apply as before with regard to the number of tire sets and the return of individual sets after free practice,' explains Isola.

The rubber specialist is expecting a new one Tension element: 'We'll see bigger differences, especially at the beginning of the season. But with experience, everyone in Formula 1 will come to similar results at some point and then go the same way.' Only if cars or drivers treat tires more gently than others could there be permanent differences in the choice of tires.

Another innovation concerns the type of compound. To make things a little more exciting, in 2016 Pirelli is introducing the 'Ultra-Soft', a new variety that is one step softer than the Supersoft. 'This is a special tire that is only used on smooth street circuits such as Monaco or Montreal.'

The possibility of ordering the Ultrasoft only for qualifying and then using the other tires in the race start does not exist, by the way. So far, we have to drive the top ten on the rubbers on which they set their best time in qualifying.

Abu Dhabi test with tires for 2016

About the Ultrasoft and the new ones To test tires for 2016, teams andPirelli finally agreed on a date. On the Tuesday after the season finale in Abu Dhabi, an extra session will be held from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. With the exception of Manor Marussia, all teams are there.

Most recently there was a dispute over the question of whether rookie drivers can also test. Force India and Sauber would like to sell the cockpits for the extra test. After a long discussion, this has now been allowed. However, the teams have already announced that the inexperienced pilots will only drive for half a day. The rest belongs to the regular drivers.

The color of the new Ultrasoft has not yet been determined. In an internet voting, however, the color 'pink' prevailed among the fans. 'I voted for it too,' said Isola. 'It reminds me of the color for the fastest lap on the data monitor. That fits the fastest tire.'


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