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Pirelli: New tough mixture in the Hockenheim test

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T he infamous British summer weather has messed up the Pirelli plans . They actually wanted to have a new, hard tire compound tested on the traditional Silverstone circuit. But on Friday only intermediates and rain tires were the order of the day in England. The test fell through completely.

Pirelli has now announced that it will bring the new, harder compound to Hockenheim. Each driver receives two sets of the experimental tire for the first two training sessions. This means that the fans in the grandstands can look forward to a little more action on the slopes on Fridays.

Hard tires not ideal for Hockenheim

As the track in Hockenheim doesn't have that many fast corners and the asphalt is a bit smoother than at Silverstone, the teams could have problems generating enough temperature in the rubber. The expected outside temperatures of just over 20 ° C don't help much either. 'The weather in Germany at this time of year can be unpredictable,' fears Pirelli sports director Paul Hembery.

Hockenheim is new territory for the Italian rubber supplier. 'We were last here two years ago with the GP3 series', reports Hembery about the limited experience with the circuit in Baden. 'We saw a lot of rain there.' Pirelli has planned the 'soft' and 'medium' compounds for the race - the safety variant.

New hard tires with a larger working window

The new hard compounds that are now being tested in training is what Hembery describes as the 'evolution' of the familiar hard tire. Pirelli responded to the team's criticism at the beginning of the season: 'They have a slightly larger work area. That should make it easier for the teams to get them up to temperature and to keep them in the correct working window.'

A race -The use of the new tire in the middle of a championship is currently not planned for reasons of fairness, according to Hembery. The fact that you are now testing a new tire on a track that Pirelli has never been on before is no problem: 'The progress that has been made in simulation technology is incredible. You can learn so much today how a tire is behaves without having been on the racetrack with him. '


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