Pirelli: New hard tire in Silverstone test

Pirelli responds to criticism
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P irelli is in a quandary. On the one hand, the Italians are tasked with building tires that ensure exciting races and lots of action. On the other hand, they also have to take seriously the criticism of drivers, teams and fans who complain about too much lottery.

The sixth different winner in the sixth race seems to reinforce the critics. 'Of course we think it's good when people talk about us,' explains Pirelli sports director Paul Hembery. 'But we don't want to be the focus of the discussions. We want to be part of it.'

Race boring again at the end of the season?

Hembery is sure that the teams like last year we will handle the tires better and better. 'The discussions will soon weaken. And in the end everyone will complain that the races are too boring.'

In the opinion of the Englishman, it is not the tires alone that are to blame for the current development. The rule changes, such as the elimination of the blown diffuser, would have contributed to the current development.

We see a significantly greater tendency towards oversteering in cars this year. And if you slip, the tires can easily overheat. That wasn't such a big problem last year because the cars were glued to the asphalt and there was hardly any movement, especially in the rear. '

Formula 1 teams understand the tires

In addition, the Pirelli tire guru defends himself against the charge that his rubbers are unpredictable. 'The tires are no secret. I would say that all teams have gotten the tires by now. What they still don't understand, however, is how the tires behave in conjunction with the car and the conditions. '

After the rather boring Monaco race, Hembery felt confirmed:' You can see that what happens when the tires last forever. 'Almost all drivers had chosen a one-stop strategy. There were hardly any shifts in space due to increased tire wear.

Although Pirelli wants to continue to build tires that contribute to the spectacle through wear and tear , they have now reacted to the criticism of the past weeks. As Hembery revealed after the race in Monaco, they want to test a new tire of the hard compound that should last a little longer in free practice for the GP England (8 July)>


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