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Pirelli gives in: & # 34; Make a better suggestion & # 34;

Pirelli gives in
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T he proposal came from Force India. In the future, each team should be able to choose their two tire options individually from the Pirelli range. The strategy group unanimously approved the idea for 2016. But it still has to go through the Formula 1 Commission and the FIA ​​World Council.

Pirelli had initially announced resistance. The Italians were afraid that some teams could risk too much and use compounds that were too soft.

6 instead of 4 tire types from Pirelli

But now Pirelli has given in. The proposal will be supported but modified slightly. 'We'll make a better suggestion,' announced sports director Paul Hembery.

And what does it look like? Pirelli is rumored to be expanding its tire range from 4 to 6 types. Certain tire compounds are blocked for certain routes.

For example, there will be no super soft rubber on offer in Monza. 'The teams will still have enough choice to choose a slightly more aggressive variant,' promises Hembery.


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