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Pirelli explains blown tires: This is what the drivers say about the Pirelli analysis

Pirelli explains tire blowouts
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N after the GP Belgium, the Formula 1 world was divided. Some took Pirelli for the tire blowouts on the cars of Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel in protection. The others sharply criticized the tire supplier for its burst rubber.

At the Italian GP on Thursday (September 3rd, 2015), Pirelli disclosed the results of its analyzes. According to the manufacturer, the cause of the burst tires was a combination of many small debris on the track and worn tires that were susceptible to them. According to Pirelli, the tests revealed a total of 63 cuts in different black rollers. Before that it was an average of 1.2 per race weekend.

Pirelli sees no structural problem

Pirelli has dismissed a structural problem. In order to avoid a repetition of the spa events, they want to work with the FIA ​​on a solution to better clean the tracks. For the Italian GP, ​​Pirelli stipulates higher tire pressures and lower camber values ​​in order to reduce the load on the flanks.

The drivers agree: safety must have top priority. However, not everyone is satisfied with the statements and actions taken by Pirelli. We set out to catch votes.

Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari): 'Since I was hit by a puncture, I had precise insights into what happened after the race. Pirelli carried out a professional, detailed and clear analysis. They took the matter very seriously, supported us and were open to us. Our aim is of course to improve security.

It is not acceptable to go out Blowing a tire out of nowhere at these speeds. The short term solutions are one thing. But in the long term we have to understand exactly what happened. I think it's clear that everyone is doing their best. We were planning one A few years an unacceptable situation. The immediate changes at the time meant that we no longer had any problems. So you can see that a professional approach brings the desired results. '

Nico Rosberg ( Merced es): 'When a tire explodes, you can no longer find out 100 percent exactly what happened. At least that's how it is in my case. It cannot be said for sure whether a foreign object caused the burst. I amsatisfied with the solutions for Monza. I don't know whether the tires are 100 percent bombproof. We've been driving the tires for a few years. The historical reference values ​​give us the greatest certainty. We're not at Spa anymore. In Eau Rouge the forces were exceptionally high. As high as never before this season. '

Romain Grosjean (Lotus): ' Nobody is happy with Pirelli's declaration. Seb always stayed on track. A car has to be able to withstand curbs. '

Felipe Massa (Williams): ' We want a problem like this to never recur. We want to understand 100 percent why it happened and change whatever it takes to have the safest tires. There are debris at every race. Sometimes more sometimes less. Surely the tires have to be strong enough to withstand that. We had slits in the tires during the weekend. '

Jenson Button (McLaren): ' You can slit the tires on any track. So it could happen again. Pirelli has always been heavily behind to ensure safety. It is their right to dictate extreme regulations. But on the other hand, they're pretty scary because we've never driven like this before. And as a racing driver, none of us like limits. We want to do what we want to be as fast as possible. '

Fernando Alonso (McLaren): ' Pirelli has the expertise about its product. I am confident. For safety reasons, Pirelli made the right decision. On the other hand, it's strange to have limiting regulations. We always try to get every millisecond out with new aero parts or other developments, and then suddenly you have to enter a new work window with the tires. But safety has priority. '

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes): ' In Eau Rouge, great forces act on the tires. There are no such curves or sections in Monza. I think that we are not going in the right direction with tire pressures. We are moving out of the right working window. The wear will be higher and the grip less. That could be quite a disaster. '

Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull): ' We had blistering on the tires in Spa. But that's more common there. I think what Pirelli has made public is most of what they can do now. You gave us a few answers. It's hard to say what will happen in the future. '

Carlos Sainz (Toro Rosso): ' I hope you did your job right. But I am convinced of it because they are the first who do not want to expose us drivers to any risk. I am also convinced that it will not happen again and that we can safely race at Monza. If it does happen again, we need moreInvestigations. '

Marcus Ericsson (Sauber): ' At Sauber we had a couple of slashed tires in Spa. We were told that it came from debris on the track. '

Nico Hülkenberg (Force India): ' Of course it wasn't great what happened in Spa. But we have confidence in Pirelli. I think the measures introduced will make Monza more secure. In any case, Pirelli cannot change its tires overnight, or within two weeks. That would not work because of the lead times in production. I don't think the car will feel completely different from the higher tire pressures. '

Valtteri Bottas (Williams): ' We haven't seen that many blowouts this season. I hope it remains a once in a lifetime story. I personally have no worries. It should be ok with the new regulations. '


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