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Pirelli expects two stops in Japan: Sutil finds tires too hard

Pirelli expects 2 stops in Japan
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I there is always something on Pirelli tires suspend. On Thursday Sergio Perez and Fernando Alonso complained about the rubbers. The Korean tire blowout on the McLaren shouldn't have happened, according to the lawsuit. After the free practice, Pirelli sports director Paul Hembery took a position. 'We carried out an investigation together with the teams and the FIA ​​and all 3 parties were satisfied with the reasons for the tire blowout. For us, the matter is over.'

Pirelli defends tire- Strategy

In Pirelli's view, it was their own fault when they pushed the rubber's durability limits beyond their limits. 'People have very little memory. We have been asked to arrange for 2 or 3-stop races. We can do this either through declining performance or through physical wear and tear. If you are at the limit on either factor, then you have to.' you just change. If you ask us to change this approach again, then we will too. '

Hembery is happy with the current show. This is also supported by statistical data. 'Formula 1 today is very different from what we had a few years ago. There are far more overtaking maneuvers. In the US, a survey was carried out asking about the most exciting racing series. Even in the US was Formula 1 with 37 percent ahead. Nascar was only 20 percent. So it can't be that bad. '

No big difference between' hard 'and' medium '

In Suzuka, Pirelli does not expect any major problems on the tire front again. Due to the figure eight layout, the 4 tires are loaded relatively evenly. Depending on the wind direction and the car, the route is sometimes more on the front and more on the rear wheels. After training, the tire experts had a pretty good picture of the performance of their products.

'The difference between the two compounds is not great here. In terms of lap time, half a second is up to one second between the two. The medium mix lasts around 22 laps, the hard one around 25. The degradation is around 2 tenths per lap on the medium. On the harder it is only half as much. But that also depends a lot on the team ' , analyzes Hembery.

The strategy for the race seems pretty simple. SizeExperiments are not possible because of the similarly strong mixtures. 'I think we can expect a two-stop race. We didn't see anyone today who could make 3 stops. Last year there were two stops. The temperatures could also play a role, by the way. We are expecting colder weather on Sunday. '

Sutil thinks back to Bridgestone with sadness

Yes, though the tires hold out, there was criticism again on Friday. 'I find it a little too hard,' explained Adrian Sutil. The Force India pilot missed the grip from the rubbers during training. 'Medium and soft would have been two good compounds. The hard and the medium tires are very similar. I wouldn't say that either would last longer.'

Sutil looks back with nostalgia to the days before Pirelli : 'It's not really fun to drive on these tires. As far as the complaints are concerned, it gets a little quieter. But you have to emphasize once again that these are actually not Formula 1 tires. You mess around. I like to remember them Times back with Bridgestone. You could go on attack with the tire without end. Half a second difference in the long run was already a lot. We are now talking about up to 3 seconds. I hope that a better solution will be found in the future. '


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