Picture gallery GP Bahrain 2012: Saturday

Picture gallery GP Bahrain 2012
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D three races we had to do without Sebastian Vettel's winning finger. Today he was allowed to stretch it back into the camera. The double world champion grinned like a little boy at his pole position. Then he thanked his team for so much commitment.

Wild acrobatics and drifts

Like the whole season, qualifying was again very tight. The 24 pilots gave each other nothing and laid wild drifts on the floor. In addition to Vettel, Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber were also among the grinning faces after qualifying - they took second and third place

The sky was even grayer on Saturday than in the past few days because there was so much sand in it Air was. It looked just as gray with the Silver Arrows. Nico Rosberg was fifth, but Michael Schumacher only had to watch after Q1 because his DRS system was no longer working. Whether the spectacular acrobatics of the artists in the supporting program could cheer up the men?

Qualifying pictures in the photo gallery

In our large picture gallery from Saturday we show you the most beautiful pictures of the action on the slopes. And for the very curious, there are of course also technology delicacies to be seen from the boxes


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