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Photos GP USA 2015 (Wednesday): Formula 1 fever in Texas

Photos GP USA 2015 (Wednesday)
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W hen you think of Texas, then you have certainly no dark clouds and drizzle in front of your eyes. This is exactly what the Formula 1 mechanics expected on Wednesday (October 21, 2015) at the Circuit of the Americas when preparing for the USA Grand Prix. Even without the sun, the mercury rose to a cozy 29 ° C. The construction workers worked up a sweat.

First Formula 1 photos from Austin

Large boxes were stacked all over the paddock and in the pit lane. No sooner had a box been emptied and the contents stowed in the garages than a forklift truck rolled in with supplies. As is well known, Formula 1 is a material-intensive sport. Every team needs tons of equipment to run 2 cars in a circle for a few laps.

We watched the teams prepare for the USA Grand Prix. In the clean box we were able to take an unexpected detailed photo of the Ferrari engine. At Mercedes you could discover a new bonnet. And at Force India a new sponsor logo has been prominently placed on the side box.

We have the best pictures from Wednesday for you in the photo gallery.


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