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Photos GP Singapore 2015 (Wednesday): The first pictures

Photos GP Singapore 2015 (Wednesday)
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V iel was in the last few days from smog Talked about the alarm in Singapore. Obstructed vision, health hazards, emergency plans - before leaving you almost had the feeling of traveling to an emergency area. But after arriving it quickly became clear: Much ado about nothing. Although the sky was overcast and the view into the distance is somewhat cloudy, there can be no question of any real burden.

Preparations in Singapore are going according to plan

The local population seems to be hardly to be bothered by the little haze. Hardly sees anyone walking around with a face mask. Even the workers on the route, who were busy setting up the whole day outdoors, did without masks. The preparations went quite normally. As usual, the track on Wednesday belonged to the vans and forklifts.

There was already a lot of work in the pit lane. There wasn't much to see of the cars. The racing cars flown in by air freight are, as usual, screwed together from many individual parts. Some teams let us watch it, others were more closed. In our picture gallery we show you the first impressions.


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