Photos GP Russia 2015 (Thursday)

Photos GP Russia 2015 (Thursday)
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I The morning moved on Thursday (8.10. 2015) Smoke in the pit lane. But don't worry. There was no fire anywhere. Williams was responsible for the clouds of smoke.

Engine smoke fogs the pit street

The mechanics from the traditional racing team Grove started the Mercedes V6 in the rear of Felipe Massa's FW37; for test purposes, because like the rest of the Mercedes customer teams, fresh engines are being used for the Russian GP ( story ) receives. The exhaust gases were discharged through a long pipe outside into the pit lane.

Not only in the Williams garage was busy work. The remaining racing teams also screwed their cars together in order to be prepared for the scrutineering in the afternoon. During the technical acceptance, the racing cars are checked for compliance with the rules.

The track operators also made the final preparations before Formula 1 was left off the chain on Friday. For example, craftsmen put up the banner of tire supplier Pirelli above the start-finish straight.

You can find a pictorial overview of what is going on in Sochi in our photo show, which is always up-to-date throughout the day Withstand.


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